Pastor Dan Phillips

We welcomed Pastor Dan to serve our congregation July 1, 2019.  He and his lovely wife, Kaitlyn, hadn't been to Bellaire before and after their introduction, are enjoying all the area has to offer.  Pastor Dan will tell you one of his greatest challenges has been recording a sermon during our Covid shut down to empty pews.  He is a graduate of Garret-Evangelical Theological Seminary.  He combines his love of the outdoors with the study of scripture as he serves as Camp Counselor at Lake Louise.


We celebrate communion on the first sunday of the month

In the Methodist Church everyone is welcome at our table.  Come and experience the tradition, the cleansing and the true meaning of the body broken for us and the blood shed for us.


A beautiful ceremony whereby we are given a gift of the Holy Spirit and forgiveness of our sins.

Ash wednesday

Begins the 40 days of lent

Begin the season of Lent by attending a church service.  We invite you to pray with us and remember the events leading up to and including the crucifixion.